Jul 25, 2007

July 07

We had a wonderful 4th! We took the kids on a picnic, joined the Discovery Center, went swimming, popped crackers and watched the city fireworks! The kids had a perfect day. It was great.
Kaytie and Nate started kindergarten this month. They have loved learning to read, playing with math concepts, studying "All about ME" in social studies, and especially learning science. It has been fun for everybody but Daniel, who often feels left out, even though Mom gives him his own "work" to do.
Daniel has finally started talking, although he usually says the same things over and over. He loves firetrucks, so he says, "Giregruk! Whoo! Whoo!" very often. He also says, "Mama! Mama! Mama! Watch!" Then he "flies" his finger upward and says, "Pssscht!" like a firecracker.
Abbie is sitting alone very well, and rolling whenever she wants to. She loves attention and her favorite place to be is on Mommy's hip. She is nearly crawling. She is currently recovering from pinkeye!
At Glenwood, we had VBS, which was fun, and very successful. A youth group from New Canne came up to put it on for us, and they did an awesome job! Kaytie and Nate got to attend the Kindergarten class, and had a blast making crafts, listening to stories, and learning new songs.

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