Aug 29, 2007

August 2007

August has been a busy month for us.
Steve had a florist convention, where he entered two design competitions. He won 3rd and 5th against some designers that have been designing for many years.
Kaytie and Nate have kept busy with school. Kaytie can read pretty well now. She knows most of the phonics rules and can sound out most words. Nate reads more "intuitively", but he is our math genius. At 3 years old, he is doing basic addition in his head. Kaytie is also learning a ton of Scripture verses and can remember most of them if I give her the reference. They both enjoy reading and then retelling me Bible stories.
Kaytie is starting back into gymnastics this week, and is very excited about it. She is my "big helper" and loves being given jobs to do. She talks all the time about how many kids she will have when she grows up and is practicing "mommying" on her best friend, (a stuffed giraffe) whom she calls her "daughter". I never imagined myself as grandma to a giraffe. Her imagination is boundless, and she has packs of imaginary friends following her around at all times.
Nate, meanwhile, is really starting to identify with Daddy. He hates being treated like a "baby" and expects me to call him a "man". He often pulls out his toy tools and fixes things. He is protective of his sisters and always wants to help. While he still loves his Thomas-trains, he is now "into" dinosours. He is fascinated by power, size, and things that make loud noises.
Daniel is really talking. He can say most anything, and chatters away most of the time. He joins in school whenever he can, playing with magnetic letters, coloring, messing with playdough and shaving cream. He sings the ABC song with us, but gets irritated if I sing it to him when we aren't "in school". He will "shhh" me most fiercely! He has finally started answering questions, so I know that he knows all the basic body parts and some animal sounds. He is still enamoured with firetrucks and other BIG trucks.
Abbie is crawling, pulling up, eating cheerios, and babbling. She is a tiny little thing, (still about 13 lbs) so she looks kind of funny sitting up and traveling around the house. The only big things about her are her blue eyes and her grin. So far, she is having no delays or difficulties from being a preemie. We believe this is a direct answer to all the prayers on her behalf.
The ministry is going well. We have started some more indepth training, and have officially joined forces with another REACH team so that we can capitalize on our individual strengths. We are currently working on expanding our puppet family.

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