Oct 8, 2007

September 2007

September was another busy month! We had a property-wide block party that was attended by 150 people. The new puppets got to perform and did an excellent job.
I started babysitting Steve's nephew, Alex. He is 2 and fits perfectly into the crowd of short people running through the house.
Kaytie is having fun with gymnastics. She and Nate are sailing right along in kindergarten. Kaytie reads a lot of beginner books all by herself. And both are learning to tell time and all about money.
Daniel has started singing the ABC song with us every morning and counting to 10. He occassionally recognizes a letter and names it correctly.
Abbie is climbing everything. She regularly falls out of her bouncy seat because she is standing up in it. She says DaDaDa and Goo. However, she is not growing. The drs tested her blood and discovered that she is low in everything: iron, protein, sodium ect. So they are fiddling with her diet to see if she is just not getting enough calories.
In the middle of the month, we went to the Fair where the kids got to ride rides, pet animals and see some very big pumpkins!

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