Jan 25, 2008

January 08

Kaytie turned five this month. She had a princess/gymnastics birthday that was long on princess and short on gymnastics. Aunt Melissa made her an adorable Gymnastics Bear cake with sparkles!
We spent New Year's Eve with Ken and Beth and Lizzie and Bob, playing games, watching movies, and eating up all the left-over holiday snacks. Then, Abbie started wheezing, so we took her to the ER and spent the rest of the night there. We came home with a breathing machine.
We finally got back into the swing of things, school-wise and the kids are learning fast. Daniel has started pre-pre-school. He colors and plays with playdough and can sing the entire ABC song! He can also count to 10 with a little encouragement. We are still working on shapes and colors.
Abbie took her first steps on the 24! She can take four or five steps before she loses her balance. She loves trying to walk, especially when the big kids are around to cheer for her! However, she often neglects to pick up her right foot, so she winds up turning around in circles until she gets confused.
All of her test results came back and the verdict is that she just has an extreemely high metabolism. So we are now feeding her 1000 calories a day. She is quite the eater, though, so it hasn't been that difficult to get the food down her.
Kaytie started back to gymnastics. She is in the same class with her cousin, Zack. She loves gymnastics and is having so much fun!

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