Feb 22, 2008


So Kaytie, who is our gymnastics nut, has been telling me that she practices gymnastics during naptime. Well, I assumed (naive mom) that she meant she was doing forward rolls or teetering on the edge of the bed-frame again. (seems uncomfortable to me, but she apparently is willing to sacrifice for her sport)
Today, I sent the big kids in to get their shoes out of the closet and soon followed after to see what was taking them so long?!?! And I find Kaytie hanging upside down from the pole in her closet. Yes, this was how she was practicing gymnastics!
I did NOT take a picture to post here (much to the shock of my husband) for two reasons:
I was in a hurry.
And it would only encourage her.
I can see that we need to go to the park more often.

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