Feb 4, 2008

Kaytie's annual cleft checkup

Kaytie had her apt this morning and it went great! The hearing test was good and the speech test was good and the surgeon looked at the other dr and said, "Why can't all of my repairs look this good?" lol He told me that we would not be needing any major surgeries in the near future (always before he's just said, "hmmm, looks good, bring her back in a year.") but he wants her to see a pedi-dentist because he thinks she needs a spacer to keep her palate growing at the proper rate.
And the speech lady asked me where she was going to school. Kaytie said, "I'm a homeschooler." So, since she doesn't have access to school testing, the speech lady said if I ever have any concern about her speech, to just bring her in and let her check it out!
So it all went well. :)

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