Feb 11, 2008


Today was gymnastics day, so we had a busy morning. But the great thing about homeschooling kindergarteners is that it is easy to "make up" the work.
This is what we did for school today:
They filled out a "letter sheet". (a sheet that I made on the computer with a letter ((capital and small)) to trace, find and circle. And a nursery rhyme that has plenty of that particular letter to find) We do 3 different letters each month and they are used to them by now and do them quickly and independently.
They completed a worksheet on time, found at mathfactcafe.com. They are doing hour and half hour today. Nate has trouble writing the numbers, but he figured the times correctly by himself. Kaytie got a couple wrong, one because she still confuses 8 and 6. And she wrote all her numbers properly but put several of them on the wrong side of the :. (00:3 for eg.)
They wrote the sentence "Jesus loves me." in their notebooks. Nate had to have help with the "s"es.
They played with our new Wordwhammer from Leapfrog, forming words by matching letters to sounds and also rhyming words. Both did this with ease.
They rolled dice and used the numbers to subtract paper hearts. A quick and easy game just for practice. Nate played for awhile, but as soon I got distracted, Kaytie was done.
They read from our Phonics Pathways book, which, frankly, bores us all, but we know must be done. :)
Daniel sorted his Pooh flashcards that have colored shapes on them. This is the first time I have given him an "assignment" that was a stretch for him, but it only took him a few cards to figure out what I was asking him to do. Then he did it with a flourish!
And I read to them:
Snow Valentines by Karen Gray Ruelle
Seasons by Jose Parramon (a really cool book)
We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen (a favorite... even Abbie was into it!)
Bear Day by Cynthia Rylant
Polar Bears by Diana Star Helmer
We are "studying" Valentines and God's Love for Feb, but there aren't a lot of books at the library about those topics, so we are also reading more bear books. (Bears was Jan.'s topic)
Finally, they played games at internet4classrooms.com a site with lots of links.

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