Feb 8, 2008

My World

I live in "Babyland".
My world is filled with diapers; pacis; temper-tantrums; crayons; bath toys; pint-sized dishes; Wonder Pets; Dr Suess; giggles; conversations about what lions eat, drink, live, and wear; and intense disagreements about who gets to drink from which color of cup.
The highlight of our day is when the trash truck comes by to empty the dumpster. PBandJ's are our favorite food and chocolate milk is our addiction of choice.
The strangest thing about this world is how people trade identities at the drop of a hat: one minute you are talking to Kaytie, the next minute you'd best address her as "Princess", then she suddenly introduces herself as "Nate". However, it's best to just go with the flow and don't ask questions. Kaytie will return eventually.
We have our own language (favorite word is "gogogycles") and our own customs (you really don't want to know why our toilet paper lives in a wipe box instead of on a toilet paper roll). But it's a nice world where everyone loves each other (most of the time) and conflicts are resolved with hugs and tearful "I sowwy"s. It's the wierdest and hardest place I have ever lived and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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