Feb 18, 2008


Kaytie settled down beside me to chat. She's a good talker, but easily distracted, so when she gets in an informative mood, it's best to suppress your remarks to mmmhmmm so this was a monologue.
"I wish I was a mommy. I'm going to be a mommy when I become an adult. You know why? Because it's fun to be a mommy. You get to do the laundry all by yourself! And cook, too. And you get to take care of your kids. I want lots of kids to take care of. It's fun to take care of kids. And you get to sew for your kids, too. " (I didn't know WHERE she got that, since I can't sew but she quickly explained when she saw my surprised look) "You sewed the bow back on my gymnastics tutu. I'm going to do stuff like that for my kids. I can't wait to be a mommy."
Not only was this sweet, but it was humbling to think that she wants to "be like me". But mostly, I was just grateful. Grateful that she sees the things I do as an act of love and that (apparently) she looks past the grouchy, frustrated mom and sees how much I really do love them. THAT is a gift from God. :)
And I had to stop and give thanks that I "get to" take care of my kids by doing endless loads of laundry and mountains of dirty dishes and cooking ANOTHER meal. This chat also inspired me to pray that I am a less cranky mommy and that my daughters are much better mommies than I will ever be.
Thank you, Kaytie, for stopping to chat.

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