Feb 24, 2008

This is my first Meanderings post. My catagories are Bible Study. MUST do. Train them up. and Weekly Menu.
1. Bible Study: Look up the word Patience on esword and start reading through all of the verses to see exactly what the Bible has to say about patience. Also, find and purchase a woman's devotional/study on the subject of patience. And, find and buy a devotional that we can use as a family.
2. MUST do: buy Kaytie's keyboard; complete cleaning list each day; put together "wordless book" for Kids' Klub; make a flier for Kids' Klub; start new food diary for Abbie; fill out lesson plans for kids; call about birth certificates; call about new card; go to library; finish new menus and grocery lists
3. Train them up: we are working on gratitude and NOT fighting.
4. Weekly Menu. sigh. I haven't got one yet for this week. See MUST do list! lol
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Judy said...

Have a great week. I like when I have my MM all planned out. It helps make the week go smoother. I hope you find it helps too.

Kysha said...

A great MM. We are studying patience also. Your little ones are so cute. I know that they just can't have a problem with patience or fighting with such cute faces. LOL! Have a blessed week!

UKZoe said...

I had a brilliant idea last week for looking up a particular word in the bible and now I can't remember what it was. Hmmmmmmmmm

Daddys Chicks said...

I pray that you have a blessed week.

Blessing Hill said...

Hope your week goes well!

Jenn said...

I hope you enjoy MM, I rely on having a plan for my week now. It goes so much smoother!! =)


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