Feb 26, 2008

What Kaytie remembered

As some of you know, we live in a small apt and storage space is premium. Well, we had a bit of cake left over and someone was coming over, so I stuck the remains (in a cardboard box, thank goodness) in the oven. And forgot about it.
So tonight, I turned the oven on to preheat for biscuits, then got distracted and wound up in the other room. I hear a weird noise and head for the kitchen... only to find smoke curling out of a burner... but not the burner that was on! After a minute or two of freaking out about WHAT was happening to my stove!!!! Steve jerked open the oven door.
Sigh. The cake was GONE and the cardboard was going fast. When he opened the door, the smoke and the heat set off the smoke detectors (so at least we found a nifty way to check the smoke detectors!) and the kids (yes, all four) started screaming. Steve grabbed the cardboard and tossed it out on the balcony and Kaytie calmed down, only her eyes were HUGE.
After the beeping stopped and the smoke cleared out a little, and the other kids started calming down, Nate said, "I was scared!" But Kaytie said, "I wasn't, and you know why? Because I remembered that God was always with me." :) So, we lost cake, :( a cardboard box, a good deal of dignity and the house STILL smells of burnt sugar, but Kaytie was able to put 5 years of life-lessons into practice. So I guess in the end, we came out ahead.

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