Mar 12, 2008

The BIG day!!!

Daniel started potty training today. It did not go well. We started with a big disagreement because he kept insisting "NO potty train!" I finally figured out that he was not interested in using the "special just for YOU only for YOU big boy potty chair" that daddy drug out of storage and mom scrubbed up in a specific effort to make him feel big and special. No. He wanted to use the BIG KID potty like everyone else. sigh. Who says the 3rd kid is easier?!? So, after THAT was settled, we trotted off on a regular basis to the bathroom where we shared a special moment by reading a book. Which he clearly thought was ODD in the extreme. Then I would put his diaper back on and he would go off and pee in it. My only consolation is that I am halfway through. Just him and one more, then NO MORE POTTY TRAINING for ME!!!!!

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onemoreequalsfour said...

My boys were sooo hard to train! With my second boy and my daughter, I used "HOw to Potty Train in Only a Day" It didn't take only a day but it was pretty effective. Within a week they were both pretty well trained and never had many accidents after that. Good luck! I thought I was through but it looks like I have one more round!


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