Mar 25, 2008


Ok, now for the birthday parties. I didn't get pictures of Alex's party, which is a pity, because it was at the park and the kids had a great time playing with Alex's HUGE dog, chasing balls, and having an Easter egg hunt.
Bobby's party was on Sunday. It was a surprise party for him planned and executed by his big sister. :) He turned 13, which is amazing to those of us who remember when he was born!

It was a pretty wild party, with people passing out all over the place by the end of the afternoon!


ladyflamesrock said...

lol they were all worn out from surprising bob. could you send me the pics from his party?

Wendy said...

You know it's a good time when everyone's exhausted afterwards! LOL

Sorry I've been slow getting around...trying to get caught back up with my faves now. :)

By the way...LOVED the Easter pics. They're adorable!


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