Mar 9, 2008

Fashion unconscious

Daniel has a tummy bug, and threw up twice at church this morning. Since there were only 17 people there (counting our kids) he made quite a sensation! Since the church consists mostly of wonderful ladies, I had plenty of help cleaning him (and the floor) up. He got it all over himself, but only a little bit on me (just my hand). Thankfully, Miss Mary had a bag of shirts on hand that she meant to give away. We borrowed one (ummm ok, two) to keep him warm and "decent" until we got home. Only a 2 year old boy would feel no embarrassment at attending church in a hot pink polo 20 sizes too big; stripey red, white and blue socks; and a diaper. Other than frequently losing his hands in his shirt, he didn't mind a bit! In fact, he insisted on wearing it for the rest of the day.

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bimw said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! That is funny that you are the Hoggards ~ because we are the Haggards!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!



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