Mar 2, 2008

Sorting hearts

He was sooo excited when he found another pink one!
He figured what I was asking very quickly and had a good time putting all the colors in seperate piles!

I have just started juggling teaching 3 kids at once, so we are taking it slow. I still try to do most of our school before Daniel gets up from nap, and give him "busy" work if he gets up too early, but a couple of times a week, I have a project just for him. We are using up the left-over hearts from Valentine's Day so I had him sort them by colors. :) He can't yet name all his colors properly (although he is getting there) but he had little problem sorting them!
He picked a color and tried to name it. If he got it right, I cheered him and if not, I quickly told him the right name. Then he picked a spot on the table for it and put all the other hearts of that color beside it. He did very well, except for confusing pink and peach a couple of times. :) And I was very proud of him because he didn't try to eat them until he was done. But he had such a good time eating them that we got the other kid's school done before he was finished!
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Carisa said...

Hi! Thanks for joining us in sharing our Tot School ideas! What a fun activity to do with your tot. :) I look forward to reading more of your ideas in the future!



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