Mar 30, 2008

I really missed having this accountability last week. We just drifted in a rudderless fog through the week. So, here we are:

Bible Study: I will get back into my study on patience, and start looking up the references to kindness.

MUST do: get back into my cleaning schedule; have Kaytie practice twice a day; take the next step in Daniel's potty-training; phone calls; go over Abbie's diet since she has stopped gaining weight again (according to my scale);

Train them up: we are really focusing on training for obedience ie: raising Godly tomatoes. In particular we are zeroing in on not asking again after we have said no.

Meal Plan:
  • Monday: biscuits and applesauce; sandwiches; chicken fried steak
  • Tuesday: cereal; fish sticks; lasagna
  • Wednesday: waffles; mac & cheese; chicken and rice
  • Thursday: cereal; spaghettios; hamburger helper
  • Friday: yogurt and graham crackers; PB&J; ???
  • Saturday and Sunday it will just be me and the kids so we will eat sandwiches and "fun" stuff.

For more Monday meanderings go here

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