Mar 16, 2008

The Legend of St Patrick

st patricks

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and we are celebrating! Why?
1 because I have always been particularly fond of my Irish blood. :) I am not 100% Irish, (more like a European mutt) but there is just something about the color green...
2 because it is a holiday and we LOVE to celebrate holidays!!! We grab at any excuse we can get to start family traditions. (and by we, I mean, me and yes, I have always been holiday-prone)
Anyway, I thought I would share some St. Patrick's info and sites here and then offer pics and updates after the fact.
First, St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. When he was about sixteen years old he was captured by pirates and sold into slavery in then-pagan Ireland and spent six years in captivity. After he escaped, he entered a monastery and became a priest. He returned to Ireland as a missionary. (how cool is that? To return to his captors with the Gospel?) He was opposed by the Druids, but continued to preach around the country and many miracles were attributed to him. According to legend, Patrick used the shamrock to illustrate the concept of the Holy Trinity - three leaves, yet still one leaf - and Ireland's national symbol was born. Saint Patrick is also credited with bringing written word to Ireland through the promotion of the study of legal texts and the Bible. Also according to legend, Patrick drove the phobic-inducing legless creatures out of Ireland (one of my favorite things about him). Some say this is symbolic of him bringing Christianity and driving out paganism. Either way, it was just a great thing to do!
Patrick and his companions traveled around Ireland, preaching and converting as they went. It did not always go according to plan - St. Patrick himself recorded in his Confessio that they were seized as captives twelve times, and on one occasion sentenced to death - but each time they were released and went on their way. He died on March 17th 464 at age of 77 and was buried just outside Saul, where the cathedral of Down now stands.
(info gleaned from various books and sites over the years)
Most of my ideas, I found here. They had games, (online, printable and group) recipes, (which I won't be using, our traditions include nothing more complicated than green food coloring. I am not a cook and will not become one any time soon.) jokes, and craft ideas. The kids are super-excited and honestly, so am I!

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