Mar 8, 2008

new-fangled schooling

Kaytie and Nate spent some time writing emails this evening. It was an interesting way to encourage creative writing. We worked on sound to letter correspondence (which explains the spelling), and punctuation but our main focus was on putting spaces between words. Her biggest issue in writing is that she sticks letters wherever they "fit" whether it makes sense or not! Here is what she wrote:

der baleyy,
did uoo hav a nis valintin? i had fun plaing with uoo tooda.
der papa and nana,
i lluv uoo. did yoo go too the zoo? did yoo se sum animolls? did yoo se a giraf? r yoo going too com vizt me soon?
This is Nate's email:
der zack,
hav yo gon too the zoo? did yo see a elefant?

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