Mar 14, 2008

Playdough, Bears, Dancing and Cookie Jars...

Tot school this week was fun! Every day, Daniel joins in on circle time, which I posted about here. His favorite parts are the pledge of allegiance and singing the ABC song. We do circle time in the morning and all other "school" in the afternoon.

On Monday, he played with his Blue's Clues wipe-off book. Wipe offs are a big deal in our house. With so many kids around, the economical aspect makes me happy, so I use them a lot and even make my own by putting worksheets (printed off the internet or pulled out of a workbook) into sheet protectors. Anyway, Daniel loves his Blue wipe-off because he loves markers and he thinks he is doing what the big kids get to do. Usually, I just give it to him, but, in the spirit of Tot School, I spent some time talking about colors (yellow for this week). Then I would tell him something on the page to find and circle. He thought that was fun and kept busy with that for the rest of school-time.

On Tuesday, he was not feeling well again, so I just snuggled him on the couch and read to him. He loves books, but this one seems to be his favorite...

it is a cool book to teach little boys about colors, especially boys who love trains.
We also read this book, which had a big part in teaching him animal sounds. He seems to like it even more now that it is "review" for him.

On Wednesday, we started by counting raisins at snacktime. He loves to count (a math wiz, like his big brother) and counted 10 raisins. I have heard him count to 12, but today he would only go to 10.

Then we talked about yellow some more. I used the montessori 3 Period Lesson method of showing him a color (yellow) until he could tell me what it was, then showing him another color (green) and asking him to point to the yellow one. He had to think a little bit, but he did it.

Here he is signing yellow.

Then I gave him bears and a yellow cup and asked him to put all the yellow bears in the cup. He put a yellow bear in the cup, then picked up a green one. I said, "No, that's a green bear. Just put the yellow ones in the cup." So he put it back down and found a yellow one. Then he picked up a green one and shook his head, "No," he told it, "Jus' lellow ones," and put it back down. After he was done, I let him just play. He lined all the bears up. Then put them all in the cup and dumped them out!!!!

Thursdays are usually light days for "afternoon" school, since Kaytie has piano lessons, and this Thursday, Dad was home sick, so we took the afternoon off and I caught up on laundry. We had "piano lessons" instead.

On Friday, we played with playdough, a family favorite. We have accumulated, in three short years, a TON of playdough toys. Molds, scissors, cutters, picks, rollers, you name it, we've got it. Daniel is finally starting to realize he can do more with playdough than eat it or stuff it into a cutter. Today, he spent a lot of time with the magic dough machine. You put the dough in, push the handle down, and it comes out in a myriad of different shapes. He didn't even use the shape piece, though. He was fascinated enough with his squares. Or maybe it was just the sheer pleasure of creating.

Then I put on some music and we danced. (Well, Daniel and the girls danced. Nate was still elbow deep in playdough.) This has also been a favorite ever since Kaytie was teeny tiny and I used dancing to music to entertain us both when we were home alone. Now, I no longer need entertainment, but the kids still love it.

And lastly, I am not even able to "do school" with Abbie every day, it's simply too much to expect from my sanity. But I decided, since I try to give her one-on-one time anyway, I would attempt, once a week, to play something "educational". So, I got out her cookie jar and we practiced the words "in" "out" and "on" "off". She had a blast! And when she was all done, she grabbed the jar and ran.

I hope you enjoyed this "peek at our week" here at our tot school. For more tot school fun, visit Carissa here.


Wendy said...

Thanks for coming out of "lurkdom" and commenting on my party post. I'm so glad to meet you! Wow, I'm really impressed with the terrific job you're doing with your little ones. I love that idea of the sheet protectors, I'm going to have to use that myself.
So glad we've "met" now, I'll be coming back often!

Carisa said...

Hi! I love this post! Your kids are just adorable! Thanks so much for hooking up with Tot School, you've got many great ideas!



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