Mar 16, 2008

This is going to be busy week! It's Spring Break here, so we are handing out free lunches to every kid on property every day this week. Last year, we had around 50 kids every day and we had a youth group to help. This year, it will just be me and my 16 year old niece and 13 year old nephew and 4 penguins to keep up with besides! So it's going to be fun. :) And I am kind of curtailing all other activities. Fortunately, gymnastics and basketball are cancelled for this week.

Bible Study: I'm going to focus on the Crucifixion and Resurection for Holy Week this week.

Must do: Just lunches.

Train them up: We are talking about the Easter story. The kids have already learned their verses, and we have been discussing them. I am encouraging them to start sharing the Gospel now when they are young and the people they talk to will go easy on them just because they're kids.

  • Monday: hamburgers;
  • Tuesday: spaghetti
  • Wednesday: chicken burritos
  • Thursday: fried rice
  • Friday: pork chops

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Paul and Christy said...

The lunch idea is awesome. I hope it goes smooth and you get a lot done. We will be reading about the cross this week too. I just didn't think to put it in my post.
Have a blessed week.

happyhousewife said...

Great list, I need to focus on the Easter story with my kids too. Thanks for the reminder.

Blessing Hill said...

Hope you have a great week and Easter break!

MamaBugs said...

Just saying hi to all my fellow Monday Meanderers!

He is Risen!

bimw said...

Your week and menu sound great! I love that you are encouraging your children to share the gospel now while the are children!

Hope you have a wonderful week celebrating the Resurrection of Christ!



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