Mar 2, 2008

Wow, is it already Sunday night? Already time to plan another week?!?! I just can't believe that it is already March! Anyway, here are my meanderings for this week...

Bible Study: finish reading my references on patience; start study;

MUST do: sigh, I didn't get to cross everything off my list from last week! Eeek! I'll try to do better this week.
  • phone calls
  • Kids Klub fliers
  • finish plans for St. Patrick's day fun (write clues)
  • work on preschool curriculum

Train them up: work on responding with patience and love to the kids even when tired


  • Monday... roast
  • Tuesday... chicken burritos
  • Wednesday... hamburger helper
  • Thursday... pizza
  • Friday... bacon and eggs
  • Saturday... fried rice and chicken

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happyhousewife said...

Are you writing a preschool curriculum?
The Happy Housewife

Stacy said...

I finally got around to doing my menu planning yesterday afternoon. I knew it would make me feel better this morning, knowing that at least that part is out of the way. I still need to make it to a couple of grocery stores to get the needed items, but at least my list is ready to go.

Daddys Chicks said...

Have a blessed week . . . I love the header on your blog!

Julie said...

Hope you have a blessed and productive week! Julie

Blessing Hill said...

Hope you are able to get everything done. Have a great week!


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