Apr 12, 2008

Counting, shapes, cars, and more...

For Totschool this week, Daniel got to experience some new things. I bought him (well, it's for all of them, really, but since it's really review for the big kids, we are saying it's for the little ones) a CD with phonics songs and they enjoyed listening (and dancing, of course) to it.
And when the big kids learned "fractions" he got to count the erasures. It was funny because he very badly wanted "his turn", but he was also distracted by the special snack in his hand.

He got to play with pattern blocks for the first time. He has played with the blocks themselves, but this time, he asked for a card as well, and had a good time matching the shapes. He must have a mathmatical mind, because he can pick out all the shapes and label some of them, but is still pretty clueless when it comes to colors.

While the big kids wrote their words, he chose to play with cars.

And he and Abbie had a puzzle day. It started as Abbie's Totschool, then Daniel joined in, then the big kids felt the need to help, so it became a family affair. Daniel also played outside with balls and played Dentist. The story and pictures for those are below...

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

I loved tot school! I sure wish I had a tot to school still...I would have jumped on the bandwagon with all the "tot" schoolers. :)

valerie said...

Those pattern cards are neat, where did you get them?


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