Apr 3, 2008

God's Design

I always wanted a BIG family, so in an effort to "console" myself and accept the knowledge that God has willed us to only have four, I am going to post about the patterns that showed up in our children. Bear in mind that NONE of these were arranged by us. All four pregnancies were "surprises"; we did not actually pick any birthdates, even though we did try (lol); and we picked our children's names from a combination of meaning/naming them after special people to us/ and how they sounded together. (by the way, if one of our children is NOT named after you and feel as though you are or should be a special person in our life, keep in mind that our kids have 3 names apiece and we wound up with only four kids. I'm sorry.)
So, here are some "patterns":
First, and most obvious, we have 2 girls and 2 boys and they came in pairs. Girl/Boy Boy/Girl.
The first set are 13 months apart and the second set are 13 months apart.
The first set were born in the first two months of the year (consecutively) and the second set were born in the last two months of the year (also consecutively).
The girls, who are on "the ends" age-wise are in the middle in the line of birthdays. The boys, who are in the middle of the line age-wise, are on the ends in the birthday line.
The first and third children both have completely odd-numbered birthdays, while the second and fourth children both have completely even-numbered birthdays.
The first two have exactly two letters (alphabetically) between their first initials. K (L M) N and the second two have exactly two letters between their first initials, only backwards D (C B) A.
Well, none of this is earth-shattering, and probably not even interesting to any one but me. (and my niece, who pointed out a lot of these patterns to me) But the point is: God must have known that I would be disappointed to have to stop with "only" four children. He knew that I am a "coinky-dinky" loving soul. And that in a weird, twisted sort of way, I would see His design in planning my family, and feel better. :)

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Jodi said...

I just found your blog (through Jamin's blog) and love it! What a precious mommy you must be. I enjoyed this post a lot.


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