Apr 28, 2008

High Chairs

The baby of our family was being unutterably cute this afternoon. Smilin', flirtin', dancing with glee, delighting us all with her two-toothed grin. And her charmed daddy said, "We are going to miss this." And we are. It is sad that we have experienced our last newborn, our last first step, our last first tooth. I have a list of things that I love about having a houseful of rug-rats.
But there is ONE THING that I will NOT miss. ONE THING that I hate about having kids, and that is cleaning the high chair. It has nooks and crannies that fill with ick. It has the ability to sport sticky, crumby, wet and dried on gunk all at the SAME TIME! It attracts dirt, it grows dirt. I wipe, I scrub, I scour, I put it in the shower and hose it off with the showerhead, and it calmly waits until I fall over in exhaustion and then it starts throwing out spots of jelly here, globs of cereal there, a smear of spaghetti sauce, a clump of noodles, and that is just the stuff I can identify. Nope. I won't be missing the high chair anytime soon. But the knowledge that I will be able to rid myself of it very very soon is more than enough to make me want to cry.

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