Apr 22, 2008


Humor. I grew up in a funny family. Jokes, sarcasm, teasing, funny stories, lots and lots of laughter. This has been a great benefit to me in these latter days of being locked in a house, alone, for weeks on end, with a quartet of maniacs. Yes, I chose, desired, and longed for kids. I wanted to be a stay at home mom and I am very very glad that our kids are so close together and I would willingly have more if I could. But, there are days when I can't help but wonder... just exactly WHAT would it take to get myself committed to a nice quiet sanatorium where the most that would be expected of me is to take the occasional Rorschach test. But on those days, humor is what keeps me, well, I was going to say "sane" but maybe not.
Anyway, today has been one of our funnier days.
Humor is a three year old and five year old arguing over what a chicken says. Bock-a-bock BOCK! or Bock Bock Bock. The three year old finally saw the futility of the discussion and put down the chicken and picked up the tiger. "Roar!" he said. "Yes," said the five year old, who, as a female HAD to have the last word. "But a chicken says, 'Bock-a-bock BOCK'!"
Humor is when I gradually became aware that the older kids were whispering together about a big black fly that they "saw" and then abruptly aware that they were talking about ME!!!
Humor is when Nate asks, "What goes on your ears." We give several answers, "earings" "ear muffs" "ear phones" but all are rejected. Finally, he starts giggling and says, "It's penguins!" AND THEN, the baby bursts out laughing as well, just as if she gets the joke.

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