Apr 21, 2008

In Tot school this week, the weather was so nice that we did a lot of Nature Study. The big kids introduced Daniel to their old friends, the black ants that live (rather mysteriously, if you ask me. Where is their food source? Their water source?) on the balcony. He spent an entire morning with a magnifying glass, watching, chasing, playing, and chatting with them.

We went outside to blow bubbles. I got distracted with a grumpy baby and the boys absconded with my bubble wand. They had a great time!

Meanwhile, Kaytie found a ladybug, so they all took turns letting it crawl around on them. I was surprised that they all fought for their turn. Even the squeamish ones. (they know who they are!)

When the big kids did their math workbooks, Daniel had fun coloring in an alphabet wipeoff book. We talked about the pictures and what sounds they started with.

And, of course, he enjoyed checking out our plant growth, even though his pot has produced no sprouts. He doesn't seem to take it personally.

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