Apr 13, 2008


Dad bought these "grow kits" at Target for $1, because he knew they would be a BIG HIT with the kids. And he was soooo right. They have been non-stop bugging me for days to plant their seeds. So, since the kids and I skipped church this morning I figured it would be a good time...
I tried to take pictures, but the batteries gave up right after we started. (I guess I'm just going to have to schedule a set time to rewind those babies.) But the pictures I DID get tell a lot...
First thing you should notice in the pictures: absence of the boys' hair. Dad shaved them yesterday while I was gone to the grocery store. Yes, they were getting shaggy. Yes, it's easier to care for and will, no doubt, be cooler. But I miss their hair. I truly do. :(
Second thing: the graffiti on the walls and door. Gang-like-behaviour is taught at OUR home school!
Third thing: the sad little baby who did NOT get to plant seeds. Poor kid, we keep forgetting that we have to buy FOUR of everything now! Although, in this case, it's just as well as we all know that she would have eaten the dirt, the seeds, the packaging, and probably even the pot.
Fourth thing: notice how I planned ahead, and had everything ready at the table before we started (don't even bring up the camera batteries!) and even put the table outside!
The kids had fun pouring the water into their bowls, watching their dirt grow and the water disappear, spooning (forking, really, but I'm not sure that's a word) the dirt back into their pots, and finally, counting out and planting five seeds.
Watch for updates as our flowers grow.


Kysha said...

What cute pics! Your dc are all so cute! Can't wait to see how the lil garden turns out.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I love how kids LOVE those little kits! We are planning some raised/small beds for the boys to "farm" this summer. :)

Missy said...

every time I try to grow something from a seed, it dies. :( Hopefully you will have better luck!! what fun!

Jodi said...

What great pictures--especially the one of the kids looking down into their bowls!

And I know what you mean about haircuts. They just seem to grow them up so fast!

Wendy said...

We picked up some of those from Target, too! Looks like everyone's having a great time with them. :)


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