Apr 5, 2008

Summer School Week 1

So last week was our first "Summer school" week. It was much easier for mommy, and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves just as much only doing one or two things as they did doing lots of different things...

On Monday, I sorted and rearranged and organized the school cabinet and art tub. It looks and functions much better now. I sorted the tub into two different tubs. Now they have a true art tub and a supervised game tub. The art tub is full of construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, stickers, stamps, markers, whatever they can use on their own with minimal supervision. So I can open it, set it on the table, and let them have at it while I am bustling around the house doing other things. The game tub holds their puzzles, bubbles, playdough, games with teeny tiny pieces, tic tac toe board, and stuff that they are only allowed to play with at the table. This enables them to choose what they want, and to switch when they get tired without me having to stop in the middle of the dishes to help them put things away properly. Believe me, every little bit of independence helps.
On Tuesday, they played with the art tub. Kaytie made a puzzle, Nate played with stickers, Daniel experimented with scissors, and Abbie colored her very first picture BEFORE she tried to eat the pencil. It's progress, folks.

On Thursday, the big kids played with stencils and the dry erase board. They wrote out their names, although I had to help with the spelling of the little one's names. DANLE was a very good guess, though!
Daniel sorted bears into the proper colored cup. Our main focus is still on "yellow", but I think he might be getting it. :) I was setting up a yellow bear and a "not-yellow" bear side by side and asking, "Which is the yellow one? Ok, can you put it in the yellow cup?" He was doing very well with that until I got distracted by a question from Nate. I turned back to Daniel just in time to see him set a blue bear and a yellow bear side by side. "Which yellow?" He asked himself, "This un." He answered, as he picked up the yellow one and put it in the cup. He did this 3 more times while I watched. Then, all out of yellow bears, he turned to me and said, "All done, Momma." As Steve said, "I think he might be ready for the next step." :) He also did purple bears before he got bored with the whole thing.

On Friday, we played with pattern blocks, but I didn't get any pictures because the batteries were recharging in the camera.
Every day, the kids read to me and I read to them. They are really enjoying Winnie the Pooh, although Nate starts getting restless about halfway through the chapter.
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