Apr 12, 2008

Summer School Week 2

Hmmm. Well, I had a nice little schedule of school written out for this week, but somehow we wound up doing something different than I had planned. The big kids studied whole and half on Monday, according to schedule, and Daniel DID listen to our new phonics music CD. But after that, we got kind of impulsive.
Tuesday, we were supposed to play a rhyme game that I made, but I couldn't find it. So much for organization, huh? So I wound up pulling out some picture cards that I made for phonics and handing them out along with dry erase boards. I told them we were playing a "spelling game". They love games, and spelling sounds impressive. Although actually it was more of an exercise in phonics and handwriting. Because they looked at the picture and wrote the word. Some of their spelling was very creative, but I only gave them help if they asked for it.

Wednesday turned into Spring Cleaning and Laundry Day. So no "book learning" took place.
Thursday, the kids practiced their photography, and we started our body part study. (That is getting it's own post) Mr PotatoHead is Kaytie's best picture and the tractor book was Nate's.

Friday was our "busy" day. The kids played Dentist and then we went outside and had P.E. I read somewhere recently that throwing is important to brain development. And I realized that we rarely let the kids throw balls, since we don't remember to take them with us when we go out to play. So I took a basket full of balls outside and encouraged them to kick and throw and catch. Naturally, being the independent thinkers they are, the big kids played Tag, Daniel was fascinated with the grass and Abbie was mostly interested in just toddling around. We did get some ball play in, though. The pictures for P.E. are in the slideshow that follows (or precedes) this post. And after that will be my Totschool post.

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