Apr 25, 2008

Summer School Week 4

School this week was a little more structured.
We started with a rousing game of Candyland.

After Nate won, I let them play "fair" with the Candyland board and people. It consisted of running up and down the paths and acting crazy. :)

Then Kaytie practiced her reading with the story that comes with the game.

I pulled out our Body Book and we talked about faces. How every one's face is different because God made us all unique and special. I showed them pictures of their own facial features and had them guess which was who's. They held pipe cleaners in front of their faces while looking in the mirror to see that the "halves" (a quick fractions review) were not exactly the same. (ahem, please ignore the Easter Egg sticker that has not yet been removed from the mirror)

They practiced "reading" each other's facial expressions.

And they collaborated on drawing different parts of a face just to see how it would turn out.

Hmmmm. Yes, well.
And we finished up with an impromptu idea of the kids... practicing the spitting technique that Pastor Anthony taught them. Thank you, Pastor Anthony. Yes, fancy spitting was one of those things I was desperately wishing someone would teach my children.

The next day we painted wooden shapes. They would have enjoyed it more if the wind hadn't been quite so nippy!

Wednesday, we played Alphabet Bingo. Well, a version of it anyway. I looked at games when I was shopping for Kindergarten, and just couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on something so non-versatile. So I came home and printed off cards with letters on them. Then I made smaller cards with a letter apiece, stole some red dots out of a game that was given to us and we have never found a use for, and made up my own rules. Because, honestly, I have never played Bingo, so I have no idea of how it goes. I call a letter (I made the little cards for a visual reference in case they needed it) and if they have that letter on their card, then they put a dot on it. We play until someone has all their letters covered. And I'm not above surreptitiously rearranging cards to ensure a nice long game. :) It's a great game for letter recognition, and after the two big kids knew their letters and before the little kids started to play, I would give them the sound of the letter.

Thursday, we went over to the cousins' house. They have a yard and flower beds, so we spent the morning digging in the dirt, "planting" seeds, climbing trees, and petting kittens.

Friday, we went to our science museum. It is a great place for kids. A lot of the stuff goes over my kids' heads, but they still learn a TON of stuff and have a WONDERFUL time. I can take the kids by myself, because everything they see is something they can play with. However, I was not brave enough to sacrifice a hand to the camera, so I didn't take any pictures.

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