Apr 2, 2008

Summer school

So we are done with "kindergarten" per se, since we started in July last year. I only planned nine months of material so we ended with the last of March. I don't, however, want the kids to "forget" anything, and school is the highlight of their day, so we are merely switching to a lighter schedule for summer. For Kaytie and Nate I'm going to work on: the uses of capital letters; whole/half; counting to 100 (Nate can count to 50 and Kaytie can make it to 79) abstract patterns; discussing nouns and verbs; measurement; problem solving; graphs; and, for Nate, rhyming and using scissors. We will also be reviewing the things we learned this year, including our science and social studies stuff. My goals for Daniel for the summer are colors, shapes, and learning to follow directions. My goals for Abbie are body parts and animal sounds.
Anyway, our lighter schedule is: circle time every morning we are at home. That is easy and fun. The big kids will read every day and I will read from Winnie-the-Pooh to them every day. They will do a "math" game every day. Daniel will do Tot school (color, shape, or "art project") and Abbie will have Tot school once a week. In the afternoons, we will alternate a science game with a "social studies" project.
Since I am doing less, I'm hoping to be able to post about it more. :)

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