Apr 9, 2008

Ten things I am thankful for... (in no particular order, a no-people list)

1. That God knows what is BEST for me and my family and that is what He choses for us, every time.

2. Rainy days.

3. That God made chocolate. It is my own personal belief that the "Wedding Feast" in Heaven will consist entirely of chocolate. mmmm!

4. Sippy cups. What a wonderful invention!

5. Indoor plumbing... now there's something I bet you take for granted!

6. A good back-scratching. Ahhhh!

7. Meadowlarks. Around here, a sure sign of spring.

8. Dinosaurs. They keep little boys entertained for hours.

9. Kleenex. Vastly under-rated and under-used by the short people who live in my house.

10. The internet. Wow. That's all I can say, just Wow. ;)



Amadis said...

I love your list! When I was in girl scouts I was always thankful to go back home again!
God bless ya

Denise said...

Awesome thankful list, yummy chocolate.

Shari said...

Can you imagine not having the Internet? I was away from it, and my blog, for 2 weeks and I thought that I'd go crazy. Every time I need to find an answer or do a little research, it is so easy to just get on the Internet and Google it. I think that Blogging has provided many benefits for a lot of Christian women.

Jenileigh said...

Great list! My youngest daughter's name is Meadow, I love Meadowlarks!

Have a blessed Thankful Thursday!!

Cheryl said...

The internet, wow! You are right about that! I think it is wonderful. Such a great thankful list. Have a nice day! God Bless~

Jodi said...

#3 I must agree with you!

#4 Don't you wish that you had created those things? Or at least had stock in them? I'm always losing them at church, at the park, at the museum,...


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