Apr 27, 2008

A Week of Learning

(Often, my TOTschool and my Kindergarten goes hand in hand. So if there is ever anything "missing" from my TOTschool posts, check the closest Kindergarten post for an explanation.)

Daniel enjoyed playing Candyland. He has gotten very good at taking turns. He worked on his colors and his counting.

We also practiced sign language. Here he is attempting to sign "yellow". Kaytie is doing a better job of it in the foreground of the picture.

He also enjoyed playing Alphabet Bingo, although he required a TON of help. The older kids were very nice at pointing out the letters for him in a nice way, though. Afterwards, I turned the game pieces into a matching game for him. I gave him the little cards one by one, telling him what the letter was and asking him to match it on his card. He had a great time with that, and did several cards before getting bored.

He and Abbie had fun painting their little wooden animals. I found the animals at Michaels and got all five of them for about a $1. My favorite price for everything. :) Abbie needed a good deal of prodding, and gave up quickly because the wind made her cold, but Daniel knew exactly what to do and was the last one to stop.

Abbie didn't get into the seed planting very much, but it is almost a given that a little boy is going to enjoy playing in the dirt.

They also enjoyed the kittens that the cousins brought out to show off. Abbie now "meows" like a pro. Daniel loves kittens. He has now named his imaginary one, "Elephant."

I love this picture of the two "tough boys" being so gentle with the baby. :)

You can find some great TOTSCHOOL ideas at Carisa's blog. Or here.


Sheila said...

I love your tot school pictures and how your older children are included in helping the tot schooler that's wonderful. You guys looked like it was a busy week and had alot of learning and fun. Thanks for sharing the photos it does give me ideas even though my youngest or tot is almost 5. :)


SchoolinRHome said...

Looks like a lot of FUN learning at your house, too! I love doing TOT School with my youngest. It is just more fun than pre-algebra and those harder subjects! :) We did som egardening recently as well (On Earth Day). My youngest put on one garden glove than used her OTHER hand and dug in the dirt. She kept her glove nice and clean. I hope to be linked up soon over at Carissa. Have another great week with your children!


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