May 10, 2008

Husband of the Year

Being married to a florist, I had come to somewhat accept that Mother's Day was not a holiday option for our family. Something about spending a week working twice as hard as usual made Steve chose to spend that Sunday resting and recooperating rather than doting on me. :) But this year, he made up for ALL of those years and probably more to come. He sent me off to my Grandma's funeral, insisting on keeping all four kids by himself for four whole days. Even knowing that the tummy bug had taken up residence in our house and that he would be dealing ALONE with icky diapers, vomit, and unspeakable accidents. And not once did he complain about the prospect nor the reality.He kept the kids well entertained the entire weekend, fed them healthy meals and gave them baths, unassisted. He cleaned the house. ALL of the house. Top to bottom, including the deep cleaning stuff that I never get around to doing.

He took all four kids by himself (during naptime, because that was the only apointment time he could get) to get pictures made. He ironed their clothes, made sure they were cleaned, brushed, and presentable. He also took them to have their handprints on a plate. And had them make cards for me.
I know there will be family time on Sunday to celebrate, but my cup is already full. :)
Now I just have to figure out a way to make Father's Day even more special for him!

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