May 29, 2008


Daniel's new favorite thing is telling jokes. It goes something like this:

Daniel: Mom! Mom! I gotta joke."

Me: What's your joke, Daniel?

Daniel: Why did the pickle climb the tree?

Me: I don't know

Daniel: Because he ate the BUTTER!!!

Then he laughs with his whole face and says, "That's a funny joke."

His other favorite joke is:

What did the penguin say to the pickle?

Don't eat the butter!!!!

After this one, he shakes his head. "Ewww! That's gwoss!!!"


onemoreequalsfour said...

Don't ya just love your kids' made up jokes! They leave you staring in wonder and them laughing hysterically!

Troy said...

Loved this entry. This is Troy from He Said/She Said. I stopped over since you came out of the blurking closet and just wanted to leave a comment to say how entertaining your blog is. Keep writing! And thanks for reading He Said/She Said.


Jodi said...

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Panther who?

Panther no panths, I goin' thwimmin'.

That was one of William's favorites. Still is, come to think of it!


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