May 19, 2008

Kaytie's Kids

I had an immense imagination as a child. You can ask any one of my brothers, and most of my sisters-in-law, I was imaginative. Well, ok, on second thought, don't ask them anything about me as a kid, they are bound to have some imaginative stories of their own.
Anyway, so I fully expected my kids to enjoy "pretend play". Therefore, I was not surprised when 2 year old Kaytie befriended my big plastic penguin (Jeeves) and had regular arguments with him. She fussed because he wouldn't share. She complained that her stuffed giraffe (Beastie) refused to catch the ball when they were all playing baseball.
It was no big deal when, at 3 Kaytie produced an imaginary friend named "Emma" who often came to play and even sleep over. Although Nate complained, when forced to hold Emma's hand when they played Ring-Around-The-Rosie. He couldn't see her, he had no idea what Kaytie was going on about.
I wasn't even fazed when, at 4, Emma was joined by a troupe of other invisible friends who followed Kaytie around and did her bidding. After all, when it comes to friends, you can't have too much of a good thing, right? And at least I was not expected to feed them or clean up after them.
But now Kaytie is 5. Her imaginary friends have become her children. And it seems that their primary objective is to induce guilt in Grandma (that would be ME). I am often informed of such things as, "I bought my kids a puppy. Because it is good for children to have a pet." She takes her kids to the store. Her kids are well-behaved. (yes, this is somehow a negative reflection on ME, not on HER) She was highly offended when I sent them out of the kitchen so I could cook supper without tripping over them, because "How will I EVER learn to cook for my kids?!?!" And, yesterday, she informed her Dad that because he hadn't shaved yet, "Well, I guess my kids are going to have a bearded Grandpa."

I pray that she will always be as bright, creative and entertaining as she is now.

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onemoreequalsfour said...

So sweet! Now if you could just harness that power and use it for cleaning, you would have it made!!!


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