May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

We had a fun Mother's Day. We let Dad sleep in to rest up from his hard work-week, then we packed up a picnic lunch and headed out with Granny.

Abbie pointing at the geese. She kept saying, "Duck!" and then "Quack!!"

The boys looking for bugs and other objects of interest.

Nate found a rock that he just MUST throw in the lake, so an expedition was formed.

She has Granny wrapped around her little finger.

Dad and the kids playing soccer.

We saw a helicopter. It was the highlight of Daniel's day.

Then we went to the Discovery Center. A very cool Science Museum where everything is hands-on. The kids love love love it! The main exhibit this time was Our Amazing Bodies.
Daniel looking at cells through the microscope.

Kaytie enjoyed the bones...

but not as much as Abbie did!

Nate looking at his skin, greatly magnified.

Kaytie playing with magnets.

The giant bubbles are always a favorite.

The ball that stays afloat is fun. It used to be "magical" until Kaytie found the on/off switch.

I have no idea what this exhibit is about, but the kids enjoyed stirring it anyway

Daniel looking at the turtles. They are related to Tuck from the Wonderpets. Wonder why they aren't wearing shoes and a hat?

Dad and the kids bought me some Mother's Day cupcakes. Isn't that incredibly thoughtful and sweet of them? ;)

It's easier for the baby to go to the cupcake than it is for the cupcake to go to the baby.

This is how you eat a cupcake.

Cupcakes are also good for disguising one's self.

We must not waste one teeny bit of frosting!

I hope your Mother's Day was as happy as ours!

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