May 27, 2008

No pictures, just hard fun

So since my camera isn't working and I haven't been taking any pictures, Totschool and Summer school will be short, uninteresting posts this week. :(
We played with blocks, played with trains (of course) and colored pictures. We went to the park, talked with ants, read, read, and read some more. We went to the library twice, and I got the little entomologists some books on insects in the hopes of stretching their minds and encouraging them to understand that, generally speaking, bugs are NOT out to kill us. Abbie learned about body parts, played Peek-a-boo and can now point to every family member when asked. Daniel is working on potty-training, sharing, and discerning the appropriate times to say "No." (specifically, that one of those times is NOT when Mommy says, "time to pick up toys.")
So, we have been busy, but it's a little hard to share this week. Hopefully, Dad will work his awesome magic on the camera soon!

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