May 29, 2008

Piano Recital

Kaytie had her very first piano recital on Memorial Day. Her piano teacher happens to be her cousin's grandma. She is a sweet lady that Kaytie absolutely adores. In fact, her new career plan is to be a piano teacher when she grows up.
I was nervous about the recital, because, well, because it's my child up there for all the world to see, and I didn't want her to be humiliated, disappointed, or racked with anxiety. Oh, right, this is Kaytie we are talking about, the born performer and ultimate spin-doctor, what was I worried about again?
She had four pieces to play. One of which, she wrote herself. Yes. The little 5 year old who has been taking lessons for three entire months wrote her own music. :) It was basically a scale with two hands. It was pretty cute, actually. She titled it "American" because it made her think of the U.S. flag when she listened to it.
Anyway, she did a very good job playing her pieces. And naturally, being Kaytie, she performed with the utmost composure and decorum. But when she got back to her seat beside me, she was glowing, her eyes like stars, and she whispered, "That was FUN and EXCITING!!!!"
Of course the best part came afterward when she helped herself to three cookies and two cups of punch while Mommy pretended not to notice. :)
My favorite part of the entire evening, though, was when her brother, quite casually, around his mouthful of cookie, told her, "I was proud of you, Kaytie. You were the best."
Elizabeth took the pictures with her new camera...

This is her teacher in the background.

Isn't she beautiful?

Her cousin Bailey had a violin solo.


Mama Teaching 2 said...

AWWWWWWWWW! I bet she was wonderful! :) Good job young lady.

onemoreequalsfour said...

Good for her! My Dancer just finished her dance recital. She thinks that is what dance is all about. She gets very upset when we have to go to practice...she is all about dancing on the big stage!

Wendy said...

Yay for Kaytie! What a wonderful experience for her (and for you, too!)


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