May 11, 2008

Summer School Week 6

We reviewed fractions again this week. With the result that Kaytie can tell you how many of any number is needed to make a whole. These cool rubbery things were given to me by a retired teacher. The kids had fun playing with them. They seemed to make more sense to them than the paper circles, although I have no idea why.

We also did puzzles.

Kaytie, singing the ABC song as she works... She insisted on putting the puzzle together in alphabetical order.

Then we had a worksheet day. The big kids did mazes, find the hidden pictures, and worked in their Kindergarten workbooks.

And finally, we played with an old flannelgraph set. The backgrounds are different habitats and there are animals that go with each habitat. The backgrounds also have flaps to lift with animals underneath. The kids had lots of fun with these!

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