May 18, 2008

Summer School Week 7

For school this week, I started with a bunch of plastic eggs. I filled them with letters and had the kids open them one by one. Nate wrote each letter on his magna-doodle.

Kaytie wrote the letter, wrote the lower case of each letter, and (her own idea) wrote a word that started with the letter.

I gave them a die and their animal counters to practice some addition. They rolled the die and counted the dots.

Then they counted out that many animals for the first number in the problem. They repeated the process for the second number, and then solved the problem.

Kaytie took this picture...

We did some subtraction problems as well. Then Kaytie used the counters to count to 100.

They drew pictures with sidewalk chalk.

And although the babies were very well behaved, the big kids got carried away.

Granny loaned us a "find the hidden picture" game for the computer and although it is not a children's game, it was a big hit with them anyway! They actually do very well at finding the little objects. We have I Spy books, but this game was even better (in their opinion) because it is on the computer. Please ignore the clutter on the desk. :) This desk comprises the whole of our office.

And I don't mention it every week, but this is a very common sight around our house. The kids had no chance to be anything but bookworms. They love to be read to, and now that they can both read, they read to themselves, each other, me, and anyone else who will sit still long enough.


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