May 5, 2008

Summer School Week 5

This was a very short and very child-led school week. The boys and I were sick on Wednesday, and then I left on Thursday for the funeral. So I'm combining Totschool and Kindergarten into one post. Hopefully we will do better this week.

Abbie and I played with her little barn. She attempted to put the shapes in the proper places for awhile, then I showed her that the door opened, and that was much more fun! So we talked about "open" and "shut" and "in" and "out".

Then Daniel joined us and told her what sound all the animals make, and showed her how to put the shapes in. They played together very well.

We practiced our writing with the Magna-Doodles. Kaytie wrote a list of all the candy she found in her Easter egg. Daniel drew starfish. And Abbie drew a picture of this doll. She placed her on the Magna-Doodle very delibrately, and everytime the doll fell over, Abbie would stop drawing, put her back in the exact same spot and then continue drawing.

The next day, the big kids took the Magna-Doodles outside and drew what they saw.

Daniel took his blocks outside and built a tower.

Then he played with his blocks and his truck for a long time. He would line up the blocks, load them into the truck, drive the truck to the other side of the balcony, unload and do it all over again. And the entire time, he was making "Beep! Beep!' noises just like a real truck.

Nate found an old pair of cowboy boots and played Cowboy.

And the final thing we did this week was make cards for me to take to Papa and Nana.

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SchoolinRHome said...

Looks like a lot of fun!
Have another great week!I see lots of creativitiy and artistic abilities-- not to mention the FUN!
Isn't it great being a homeschooling family!
Have a wonderful week!
P.S. I have a Mother's Day giveaway going on this week yet. Let me know why you are thankful to be a mom and be entered to win some great things!

Anonymous said...

sounds fun! Much better than adding measurements and picking prepositions out of sentences like we are doing right now!

Carisa said...

What a fun week, I love the photos of Abbie :) and the kids outside, isn't it fun to draw outside!!!
Have a great weekend!


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