May 11, 2008

Puzzles, Colors, Animals

To start off tot school this week, Daniel played with puzzles. I have three different puzzles that I keep strictly for school. A train one that is numbers, and two alphabet puzzles. Daniel did the number one several times.

This alphabet one is easy, and he had fun putting it together.

But this one is a challange. You have to match "mommy" letters to "baby" letters, the shapes are very ambiguous, and they cleverly mixed the colors to keep the children "honest". As you can see, he got very frustrated, even with my help.

I made him his own worksheet for learning colors. Yes, we are STILL on yellow! He had fun, although he really had no clue what he was supposed to do. He circled the word "yellow", though.

He really enjoyed playing with the animal/habitat game. The baby animals were his favorite, of course. This was the first time I had gotten this out for him, next time we will play with it a little bit more in-depth.

The polar animals in their habitat.

This is his new love. All week, in his "free time" he has played with trains. He carries around the engines and the tracks and drives them around for hours, or until messed with by a sibling. He brings them to the table with him, sneaks them into school time, and hides them in his pockets.

Abbie played with the magnetic letters. Her favorite game these days is to dump them all out, then pick them back up again.

She enjoyed having a puzzle like the big kids.

And my favorite... Kaytie was reading this book when Abbie came along, pushed her way into Kaytie's lap and enjoyed the story. Kaytie was delighted. THIS is one of the best parts of my life. :)

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Carisa said...

Love it!!! We have that same ABC puzzle in the middle. I have NO idea where I got the BoohBah cards!! It's hard to find anything BoohBah these days, both of my boys love that silly show. We have 1 VHS tape of it for Kyler and he asks for it a lot.

LOVE the shot of Kaytie and Abbie, that's my favorite part of homeschooling, the moments that would never happen if the oldest was away at school!!

ps-tell your husband great Dad job, I loved your post about him!!!

SchoolinRHome said...

Wooden puzzles are sucha hit in our home, too!
I liked your story reading picture.Did you see my post? I have one similar except my daughter that is reading to the younger one is much older than your family's "Big Sister.
Have fun with yellow! Did you se Nikki (Angels of Heart) post? They are learning about green. Her shaving cream surprise bags seem like an exciting color activitiy.
Have a great week!

Valerie said...

What a cute animal game...It's a felt board set? Little Boys and their animals and cute!

In Christ,


One Little, Two Little said...

I just love the animal habitat game. Please tell me where you found it. Puzzles are a hit in my home as well. Thanks for sharing! ~Sako

Jen said...

My kids LOVE doing puzzles too!! I love them because they are nice and quiet. :)

Thanks for stopping by my WW and I hope you have a great day!

BTW - I love your songs.. they make me want to sing along with them. :)

Wendy said...

I love your Totschool posts! I'm also interested in the animal habitat...where might I find one?

Kaytie and Abbie are adorable, reading together like that. I agree with you about it being one of the best parts of life. I love seeing my older ones spend time with the littles like that!

The four little penguins say: said...

I have NO idea where to get the animal habitat game. :( I found it in a box of stuff after a move. Teachers and other friends are always giving me things, so it must have come in a big lot of stuff from someone. It was already all cut out and glued together and I can't find any company logos or names on it. Sorry. :(


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