May 18, 2008

Two Tots Learning

This week, I think Abbie wound up doing more Totschool activities than Daniel did! He was pretty busy with his potty training. Or at least, confusing Mommy with whether he is actually training or what?
I got out all the plastic eggs left over from Easter. (we always have plenty!) I seperated them into two piles and one pile I filled with shapes for Daniel. The other pile was for the big kids. Daniel opened the eggs one by one, and told me what shape it was. Then I told him what color it was. Then he picked another egg. He had so much fun that he put the shapes back in the eggs and went through them again.

Then he sorted all the shapes by color. He can do this, even though he can't name the colors at all.

After the eggs were empty, Abbie carried them off in a bucket and practiced "in" and "out" and we talked about colors.

The next day, I gave them sidewalk chalk and sent them outside.

I got out the animal counters for the big kids to do math, and the babies had to get in on it.

Then Daniel cracked me up. I wonder where he got his camera-bug tendencies from?

Abbie enjoyed playing with her reflection.

And played a little Peek-A-Boo.

Another day, she brought me the shape sorter and we played for awhile. It is a cool sorter, because each shape has a Fruit of the Spirit on it. She figured out that if she turned some of the shapes sideways, she didn't have to put them in any particular hole. Those were then her favorite shapes. :)

Daniel soon joined us. He tried to show her how to do it correctly, and gave her some good advice like every big brother should. Which she decidedly ignored, like most little sisters do.

They played together for a while,

But eventually we had to extend our lesson to include sharing...

A classic Abbie glare, complete with finger-pointing.

And finally, Dad joined Totschool and encouraged Daniel's love affair with trains by putting ALL the tracks together for him.

You can find more Totschool ideas here.


Kysha said...

The Peek A Boo pic is too precious!

Valerie said...

Great Post, that Fruit of the Spirit shape sorter looks neat....where did you pick that up?

Love the eggs idea, I'm going to add that to my list of "Fun Tot Stuff" to keep handy for Bubba. Looks like your little guy is doing great with his colors!



Nancy Pancy said...

Adorable penguins!


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