Jun 27, 2008

And yet another lesson from VBS (aka the lady or the tiger?)

Peer pressure, or not peer pressure?
So, I mentioned that the VBS director had the kids do crazy things every evening. Wednesday night was "PJ Pants Night". Everyone was supposed to wear pj pants and slippers and a regular shirt. Kaytie was all about it. Nate was NOT. He was adamant that no way was he wearing his pjs out in public to be "laughed at". I offered the consideration that he might be more likely to be laughed at if he wasn't dressed as all the other kids, feeling very ashamed of myself for bringing it up. I needn't have bothered. He was not swayed. No. His teachers (the other kids apparently never crossed his mind) would not be looking at him in his pajamas. NO WAY. He wouldn't even wear slippers.
So... he did not conform to the peer pressure of the director. He did not conform to MY peer pressure, nor that of his sister, who happily picked out her favorite pajama pants. But, his only reason was to not be laughed at. So... peer pressure or not?
What do you think?

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