Jun 26, 2008

Another lesson from VBS

I have tried for forever to teach my kids the days of the week. Now, usually, they pick up concepts easily, especially things they can just memorize. But for some reason, even after all the songs, the charts, the calenders, and the conversations, if I asked them questions like, "What day comes after Wednesday?" or, "Today is Friday, what is tomorrow?" They would look at me blankly and guess wildly. They could even sing a couple different days of the week songs, but they just didn't get the concept.
Well, the VBS director decided craziness is a necessary element to learning about Jesus, so she came up with a list of ideas like: crazy hair day, and pj pants day. She sent these ideas home with the kids on a sheet of paper so that parents could aid and abet in the fun. My kids spent all day Tuesday poring over these papers.
And Tuesday afternoon, Nate came to me. "Are we going swimming on Thursday?"
"And the day before that is Wednesday."
So I quizzed him relentlessly for hours (or at least 5 minutes) and he answered every question correctly. And Steve says, "Why didn't you give them a sheet of paper with all of the days of the week written on it before?" Because the songs were so CUTE that's why!
So, he might or might not have learned about Jesus at VBS, but he did learn about the days of the week. I guess I'll have to teach him about Jesus myself?

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