Jun 5, 2008

Camera update

So the camera just quit working on night when I was trying to capture some memories of the kids. sigh. Well, even though the camera is my LIFE, we can't exactly afford to replace it right now. So I prayed over it and, when we went on retreat and the kids were supposed to ride horses, I took it along. And it worked. Perfectly. Wow! I took it as a gift from God, even though the batteries died right before the event was over.
At home again, I recharged the batteries, then tried to take a picture of Daniel being goofy. And again, the button wouldn't work. So I thought, "Well, maybe it's the flash?" We went outside and it worked, but then the "batteries exhauseted" sign flashed and the camera shut off. SO! It MUST be the batteries!! After all, how many times have I re-charged them in the last 3 years? Wow, I have camera batteries older than 2 of my children!
So now we have new batteries and the camera works. Most of the time. I think there is still a problem, but the batteries definitely helped. sigh. Have I mentioned that my camera is my LIFE? Well, not the camera, exactly, but the taking of pictures of my kids...

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