Jun 29, 2008

Daddy's Girl

My oldest daughter wants desperately to be like me. I can relate, since I always wanted desperately to be like my mom. I fear that she, like me, is doomed to disappointment since we both seem to be much more like our daddies.
The other night, Daniel made an appearance in the living room in his sister's pink fluffy flowery house shoes. Steve remarked that we needed to get him his own house shoes. So I pointed out that there were TWO pairs of boyish house shoes in the closet that Nate has outgrown (and never wore anyway) that he has full claim to, but he prefers the pink fluffy flowery ones.
Kaytie sat up with bright, eager eyes. "Well," she said, "Let's give him those and buy me new ones!"
Yep, she is just like her daddy!

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Lori said...

I saw your link on Tot School and have had some fun checking it out. Your kid descriptions are lively, and the wife test is a crack up! (:



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