Jun 28, 2008

Danny D

Since we are entering that part of the year where all the kids attain their "halves", (five and a half, four and a half, two and a half, and one and a half) I'm going to do a post on each of them. I'll start with Daniel since he has the "first" birthday.
Daniel is two and a half. He is a quiet little guy, but he has his ways of being noticed and getting what he wants. He is the first of my children to repeat the mantra, "I do it myself!" He is fiercely independent and self assured. He hates the fact that he is not as big as Kaytie and Nate. And nothing makes him more angry than to be treated differently than they are. For the most part, Daniel is a pleaser. He likes for people to be happy but he will not sacrifice his own identity for others' pleasure. He is what he is.
He likes what he likes. He loves to laugh and tell jokes. He loves Thomas the Tank engine and can identify more parts on a train than I can. He loves to sing. He enjoys most everything else in his world. Except for going to bed. He used to be such a good sleeper, but some time in the last six months, he has started fighting it.
He can count to 12. He knows his shapes. He knows all the Thomas characters, his body parts, and all the animal sounds. He can climb and descend steps, kick a ball, and build with blocks. He talks clearly in complete sentences and understands when we sign to him although he will not sign back. He feeds himself, dresses himself (with a little help), and can wash his own hands with supervision. (the supervision is to keep the water from winding up on the floor) He does his chores competently, though not always with good will. His chores currently include: putting away all clean underwear, Abbie's bibs, and the kids' washcloths; taking responsibility for his dirty dishes, dirty clothes, and his shoes; throwing his own dirty diaper away; and picking up the toys in the living room and mama and dad's bedroom.
The highlights of his life are when the cable truck driving neighbour comes home and his truck beeps as he backs up; when a firetruck rushes by with siren and flashing lights; and when the ice-cream truck drives through the parking lot.
But the most important thing about Daniel is his sensitive, loving little heart. He adores his siblings, especially Abbie. She is HIS baby, and she tramples all over his generous little soul. Nothing is too good for her and the worst thing she can do to him is refuse to forgive him after a fight. Daniel also adores his daddy. He tells me often, "I Daddy's boy!"
Because he is two, Daniel is figuring out conflict resolution and just who is in charge. He is not above screaming at his siblings and even dares to say, "NO!" to mama on occasion. But really, he would make an ideal only child, because other than sib-fights and the defiance over picking up toys and being quiet in his bed (oh, and his odd habit of sneaking crackers out of the pantry to share with Abbie) he rarely gets into trouble that the big kids have not led him into. He spends most of his time curled up somewhere with a line of trains or "reading" a book.

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