Jun 14, 2008

Father's Day

Everyone playing soccer with Dad

I have already mentioned that my husband is AWESOME! He is also a great Daddy. Abbie thinks the world revolves around him. Daniel says, "I DADDY'S boy!" at every opportunity. Nothing is more fun than getting to go alone with Daddy somewhere. His arrival home is anxiously awaited every evening and he is usually greeted by a general stampede.
Once, Kaytie asked me a question, and when I admitted that I did not know the answer, she sighed a little. "I'll have to ask Dad," she said. "Mom knows a little bit about things. But Daddy knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING."
He fixes broken toys. He makes them cool things like bunk beds, toy boxes and puppet stages. He is the one who spoils them with new movies, ice cream, M&Ms (when mommy isn't looking) and toys "just because". He is the one who teaches them to fake burp, drives "crazy" to make them squeal, rubs their gums when they are teething, laughs when they wind up like a pitcher and throw their wet underwear behind the washing machine, turns the interior lights on in the van whenever they "sneeze", and sings them silly songs. He remembers the medications, cleans up puke in the night, hunts down stray pacis, keeps us calm in a crisis, solves our problems, works very very hard to support us, changes dirty diapers, cleans house for Mom, reads stories, brushes teeth, runs to Walmart at midnight for milk and diapers, and has even been known to watch a kids' video upon their request!
He even astonished our niece by discussing their diaper rashes and cures with confidence and authority. He is a Daddy Extraordinaire and we are very blessed to have him!

Kaytie swinging with Dad

Dad showing Nate the cool "knife"

Dad building train tracks for Daniel

Dad and Abbie


Mama Teaching 2 said...

Happy Father's Day!

Anonymous said...

There is just something about a Daddy! Hope you had a great day!


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